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Thank you for your interest in 6amMart.

6amMart is a complete Multi Vendor Food, Grocery, eCommerce, Parcel, Pharmacy delivery system developed using Laravel (v10) and Flutter Framework. Laravel ( PHP Framework for Web Artisans) is a web application framework with an expressive, elegant syntax. We’ve already laid the foundation — freeing you to create without sweating the small things. Flutter framework created by Google is open-source mobile application development. It is used to develop applications for Android and iOS, as well as being the primary method of creating applications.

6amMart comprises 3 Mobile Applications, 2 Web Panel, 2 website –

  • Web application built with NextJS
  • Customer application for Android, iOS and web developed using Flutter.
  • Delivery Boy application for Android developed using Flutter
  • Store application for both Android and iOS developed using Flutter.
  • Super Admin web panel developed using Laravel (admin can provide role base access).
  • Store web panel developed using Laravel (owner can provide role base access).

The delivery boy app is developed using flutter, so it will run both in Android and iOS but as the delivery boy app fully depends on location we suggest don’t use it for iOS. This documentation covers mostly all the aspects of setting up Multi Store Item Delivery Application - 6amMart. For any queries pre-sales or tech support, please open a ticket at

The Happy Flow

In this section we are going to understand how the full system works. This system fully depends on operation zone. So first you need to create operation zone. You can create multiple zone based on your business. You can turn off/on your business operation for a specific zone anytime. Stores and delivery boys will operate their operations under a specific operation zone. A store or delivery boy can’t operate their operations in multiple zone. In customer app customers first need to select their delivery address and based on the delivery address latitude and longitude system select the operation zone and customer can see all the stores, offers, campaigns etc. of that specific zone. If the delivery address not inside any operation zone, then customer will see service not available in this area that means they can’t place order for that delivery address.

Order Flow

  • The customer places order from a store (can’t place order from multiple store at a time)
  • The delivery boys get that order in the order request section and accept it for delivery.
  • After delivery man confirmation the store owner get the order on their dashboard and start cooking and handover the item to delivery boy.
  • If the order is digitally paid the order will directly go into confirmed status and store get the order on their dashboard (will not depend on delivery boy’s confirmation).
  • The Delivery Guy accepts the order, confirm the order (if COD), picks-up the order and delivers the order to the Customer.
  • If self-pickup order, store will manage all the steps. For schedule order, all the operations will start before 15 minutes of schedule delivery time.

Dispatch Flow

  • Delivery boys can see his/her nearest orders and accept it for delivery.
  • Admin can see currently available delivery boys with location view for a specific zone and can manually assign an order to a delivery boy.

Transaction Flow

In this section we are going to understand how system calculate the admin commission, seller earning and delivery boy earning.

  • Item value = Original item price - (Item discount + Coupon discount for item)
  • Order value = (Item value + Tax/Vat (on item value) + Delivery Charge) – Coupon discount for deliver charge
  • For Self Pickup order: Order Value = Item Value + Tax/Vat (on item value)
  • Customer can’t apply more than one coupon for an order.

Currently system calculate the admin commission and store earning on Item Value. That is why admin need to deal the Item discount and Coupon discount for item with store manually.

Admin Commission

  • Admin can setup default commission for entire system.
  • There is another option for individual store commission. If admin want, can enable the individual commission for a specific store otherwise the default commission rate will be applicable for each store.
  • Admin get commission on Item Value

Store Earning

  • After providing the admin commission, the rest amount of “Item value” will add in store earning.
  • The Tax/Vat is totally store’s earning and store need to manage this Tax/Vat for govt. manually.

Delivery Boy Earning

There are two types of delivery boy. One is salaried and another option is freelancing based. We don’t calculate earning for salaried delivery boy. The below calculation is only for freelancing based delivery boys.

  • Actually we store two delivery fees in database. One is actual delivery cost and another one is customer paid delivery fee. Because there is option for free delivery, coupon for free delivery fee etc. So the earning for a delivery man is the actual delivery cost that is calculated based on distance. If the store is not a free delivery store and there is no coupon for free delivery, then the actual delivery cost and customer paid delivery fee will be same.
  • The Delivery charge is totally Admin’s earning.
  • Admin responsible for Coupon discount for deliver charge.

Cash Flow

  • For digital transaction, the Order Amount will be added in Admin Wallet
  • For Cash on Delivery, the Order Amount will be added in delivery boys Cash in Hand wallet.
  • For the self-pickup but not digitally paid the Order Amount will be added in the store’s collected cash wallet.