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Mandatory Setup (Web)

Run an existing react project on IDE​

  • Run the purchased and downloaded NextJS project on your preferred IDE.

  • Before running the project in your local machine,

    • You have to set your activated domain url and purchased license key in your admin panel.
    • To set up your domain in the admin panel please follow below instruction.
      • In the admin panel we have a menu called system settings. In the system settings we have a submenu called React site where you give your purchased license code and your activated domain url to the form and submit it.
      • You also have to change your project .env.development and .env.production->NEXT_CLIENT_HOST_URL and NEXT_PUBLIC_BASE_URL variables with your activated domain url.

Recommended tutorial is below πŸ‘‡

Change Base URL​

To change the base URL follow the steps given below -

  • Must remember that don’t put slash(/) at the end of your base url.

  • Use your admin url as base url.

  • First you have to install your admin panel. For example: If your admin url is then base url will be .

  • Create .env.production and .env.development file in your project

  • Add NEXT_PUBLIC_BASE_URL and NEXT_CLIENT_HOST_URL variable in both env files. Then assign your URL as a variable value. For example:


Add Google Map API Key​


Recommended tutorial is below πŸ‘‡

Setup Firebase for Push Notification​


Recommended tutorial is below πŸ‘‡