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Country Filter

  • If you want your country only in country choosing dialog which we saw in login, registration and forget password page, you have to set your default country first from admin panel Business Setup section. Then open <project>/lib/view/base/custom_country_code_picker.dart file and search CodePickerWidget. Now add a parameter with value like this:

     countryFilter: [_countryDialCode]

    Recommended tutorial is below 👇

  • If you want to disable country choosing dialog the just remove showDropDownButton: true, parameter and add one parameter like this:

      enabled: false

Change onboarding text and graphics

I) Text: If you want to change onboarding text, open <project>/assets/language/en.json and you will found some texts with key named on_boarding_title_1. You just need to change the values. Do not change key.    Also do same things for <project>/assets/language/ar.json file also.


ii) Graphics: If you want to change graphics of on boarding page then go to <project>/assets/image/ and replace onboard_image_1 and onboard_background_1 with your preferred image. Must use same name and extension for your graphics.

Add New Local Language

  • Go to /assets/language and press right button on language folder and create new file and name it with your language code (.json). For example if your language is Bengali then you have to named your file as bn.json. You have to name it with proper and valid language code otherwise app won’t work. For getting language and country code you can visit this url:

  • Copy all data from en.json and paste it in your created file.

  • Translate all English text placed here after colon(:) to your local language. There texts are in key-value formatted. You have to translate value only not key otherwise it won’t work. For example: “home”: “Home” -> “home”: “বাড়ি”

  • Add your country picture on /assets/image folder.

  • Open /lib/util/app_constrants.dart, scroll down to bottom and add one more LanguageModel under languages array with your imageUrl, languageName, countryCode and languageCode. Again must remember that your language code and country code should valid otherwise app won’t work. In image url field you have to put your image path as assets/image/added_country_picture_name.extension. For example if your added country picture name is bangladesh.png then path will be assets/image/bangladesh.png.


    Recommended tutorial is below 👇

Change App Color

  • Open <project>/lib/theme/light_theme.dart file and set primary, accent and etc. colours for light theme.

  • In the same way open <project>/lib/theme/dark_theme.dart file and set preferred primary, accent and etc. color for dark theme.


    Recommended tutorial is below 👇

Change App Font

  • Download you preferred font from internet. Google has many free font you can check them:

  • Unzip fonts and paste it them to <project>/assets/font/ folder.

  • Mentioned them in <project>/pubspec.yaml file like: fonts:

    • family: YOUR_FONT_FAMILY_NAME fonts:
      • asset: assets/font/YOUR_FONT_FILE_NAME.ttf weight: YOUR_FONT_WEIGHT
  • Replace font family name in <project>/lib/theme/light_theme.dart, <project>/lib/theme/dark_theme.dart and <project>/lib/util/styles.dart file.