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To receive payment from customer as a merchant a user need to be registered as a merchant by Admin. Once admin registers and approves a merchant account then merchant can login to their panel. Merchant will get public key, secret key and merchant number from merchant panel in developers section.

Payment Page Flow

  • A payment page will be appeared for customer.
  • Customer will put their account number of ( payment gateway ) 6cash
  • Then proceed to OTP page

  • After OTP verification customer will put their valid PIN number.
  • If customer balance is sufficient then customer will be sent to the success page.

Payment process from merchant website/shop:

Make Payment

First a payment order will be created in payment gateway server.

Make payment

$url = 'BASE_URL/api/v1/create-payment-order';
$amount = 'YOUR_AMOUNT';

$response = Http::post($url, [
'public_key'=> 'YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY',
'secret_key'=> 'YOUR_SECRET_KEY',
'merchant_number'=> 'MERCHANT_NUMBER',
'amount'=> $amount,


if($response['status'] == 'merchant_not_found'){
//Merchant not found

if($response['status'] == 'payment_created'){
return redirect()->away($response['redirect_url']. '&callback=' . $URL_YOU_WANT_TO_REDIRECT_AFTER_PAYMENT_DONE);

Callback URL

Merchant can set a callback url from shop settings, once customer completes the payment process, a transaction summary will be generated and sent to the given callback url.


Verification URL

Using transaction ID merchant website can verify payment for customer :


$payment_verification_url = 'https://6cash-url/api/v1/payment-verification';

$response = Http::post($payment_verification_url, [
'public_key'=> 'YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY',
'secret_key'=> 'YOUR_SECRET_KEY',
'merchant_number'=> 'MERCHANT_NUMBER',
'transaction_id' => $transaction_id,

Success Response

"payment_record": {
"id": "6df7e156-69da-47d2-9d61-8464b4be0d42",
"merchant_user_id": 66,
"user_id": 57,
"transaction_id": "Y37tR1674562943",
"amount": 28,
"callback": "https://url/6cash/callback",
"is_paid": 1,
"expired_at": "2023-01-24T12:27:12.000000Z",
"created_at": "2023-01-24T12:22:12.000000Z",
"updated_at": "2023-01-24T12:22:27.000000Z"

Error Response

"errors": [
"code": "error code",
"message": "error message will be here"