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Manage Shop

This collection of articles guides you through how to manage your website, products, orders & other components as a seller to continue your shop.

Product Management

In this section, A seller can add, update and delete his/her product and can also do on/off his/her products. There are also a option to check the stock limit product at a glance and from their he/she can update the quantity. A seller can also import and export his/her products.

Here, Seller can see the products reviews and also manage the refund request. Seller can comunicate through message option.

A seller can also update Bank information and shop information to run the business.

Business Section

By the business section they can manage shippping method and can see the withdraws request list and manage it.

Delivery Man Management

From the delivery man management section they can manage the delivery man to send the product by his or her own delivery service.

Order Management

In this section, They can manage the orders. Here they can see the order list, order details and also can generate the invoice for a perticuler order. Here, they can change the order status and assign delivery man and update the payment status, can also see the customer details.

POS System

In here, they can sell the product in local customer and can also manage this POS order seperately.